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Our skills

Graphic design

The visual aspect of a website is a crucial element for its sucess: it's the first thing a visitor sees when he arrives. A websurfer can decide in just a few seconds not to explore a website if he does not like its look. The navigation structure is also essential in order to allow users to explore easily a website and guide them towards the main informations that you want to provide them.

A visitor judges a website in less than 10 seconds.

Search engine optimization

Internet is the place where you can find anything, but where it is not always easy to find a relevant information. This is even more true in an economic context where you have competitors who challenge you in order to appear on the best search engines results. Optimizing search engine results is a primary objective to integrate from the beginning of a website creation, while writing its content, and after it is put online.

Having the best, the most beautiful, the most complete, the « most most » website of the world accounts for nothing if nobody visits it.

Multilingual support

A simple and efficient multilingual support will allow you to have a powerful multilingual website. A multilingual website means you can target a larger audience and reach more potential clients for your company.

Website creation

Our company is specialized in custom website creation. We handle all the essential steps of your website creation: understanding your needs, proposing adapted solutions, graphical design, developing the website, search engine optimization and taking care of all the technical aspects. We are at your side to make your website evolve when your company also evolves.

Our specialty: applications

We strongly believe that computers must help us and make our everyday life more easy, for people and companies. We have in our team a large amount of programming skills, and a vast experience as Web users. We combine these to design intuitive interfaces and useful functionalities.

The example : an Intranet/Extranet

Did you think of an Intranet/Extranet for your company? Rather than handle your logistics with spreadsheets files, you could benefit from an online interface, secured and accessible from everywhere, allowing you, your co-workers, your providers, your clients... to easily update important data in a centralized manner. This online space can also be used to put files online, to be able to acces them simply or share them with other users. No more need to send huge files via email. Everything is centralized and can be processed easily and automatically.

Custom Programming

Internet is full of tools and existing solutions to face a all your needs... or almost all. Sometimes ready made solutions will be enough, but often for specific needs it is impossible to find something that will give you total satisfaction.

It is thus essential to work with someone who will be able to develop a custom solution tailored for your needs. For websites, we use PHP5/MySQL, mainly the CakePHP framework, associated with CSS3 and Javascript. For desktop applications, we use JAVA.

CakePHP development

We like cakes in real life, but especially tools that make our lives easier. A good development framework is one of such. Take a look at some goodies we developed for the CakePHP framework.

Contact us !

We will do a custom development for your projects in CakePHP. For any need you can write us to tell us more about your needs.

Hosting, Maintenance & Evolution

For you the best thing about your website hosting is not to think about it. Setting up a hosting can be tedious work, best you not worry about it. For specialized or heavy duty website, we can host your site on a dedicated server.

Once your website online, even if you can freely manage its contents, it is better to make regular backups, security updates and functionality adjustments. You can also have totally new needs and require large scale evolutions. Having a trustworhty partner to handle these tasks is a necessity.


The technological evolution from these last years has made more and more people connect to the Internet through mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Having a website that is adapted to these devices is often a necessity in order not to lose potential customers. You should have a mobile friendly site, or a specific mobile site.

Why choose us?

A bespoke website tailored to your needs

Benefit from a solution that is adapted to you. We are available to discuss with you in order to identify your needs and think with you about the best solutions that can be found. Your website is your trademark, your portal to the world. Every detail accounts for and everything that make you stand out from your competitors is an asset for you.

A quality website is the image of a quality business

Exhaustive services

Our team is made from several persons with various skills. All these skills allow us to offer you exhaustive services. From designing your logo and the general look of your website, to the hosting and improving of its SEO, keenSoftware handles every step of your website development to offer you a quality global offer.

Remain free!

All the sites that we create have a back office to allow you to manage freely and easily the content of your site, without having to constantly contact us. For a fully custom made Web application, we can conceive a custom back office, simplified, intuitive and perfectly adapted to your specific needs.

Our recent creations

Our team

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The keenSoftware team

The keenSoftware team is made of passionate persons united

by a simple statement: computers must make life simpler.

Our job is to develop tools that will make your life simpler,

allowing you to spread your ideas, propose your services

on the Web and improve your productivity.

Christian Cadéré

With a PhD in computer science, Christian uses his analytical spirit

to manage whole projects while taking care of

every detail. He handles the customer relationship

with availability and pedagogy.

Dimitri Loukine

Dimitri has retained from his Masters degree in visual arts a capacity

for conveying complex concepts through graphics.

He's in charge of visual design and user

interface integration and he's especially

mindful of the user experience.

Pierre de Beauchêne

During his computer studies, Pierre has developped

his ability to create and manage complex systems.

He designs clear and robust project structures

and implements their internal running.

keenSoftware, head office: 38 Allée Paul Langevin - 78210 Saint Cyr l'École - France